What my clients are saying...

Matthew M. Welsh, J.D.

(Santa Monica, CA)

"I would highly recommend Lisa Marie to anyone who wants help moving into and organizing a new home or apartment. I moved from Indianapolis, Indiana to Santa Monica, California and Lisa Marie helped me every step along the way. Lisa Marie made moving across the country so much easier and less stressful for me because of her attention to detail, friendly service and hard work ethic.

Any question or request I had, she answered promptly and with a smile on her face. It was so wonderful when I arrrived at my new apartment and she had made sure everything was already moved in, organized and unpacked. She also had my bike repaired, got my cable and internet working, and put fresh groceries in my refrigerator. She made the apartment look beautiful too! She met the movers when they arrived and organized my furniture, hung my pictures, folded my clothes and organized my closet. She was extremely professional, pro-active and friendly from start to finish. Overall, Lisa Marie did a fantastic job!"

Julie T.

(Santa Monica, CA)

"Lisa Marie is one of those rare people who is both structured and compassionate at the same time. Usually, people who are very organized just don't understand why others can't be. At first I was uncomfortable having a stranger see my disorganization, but she made me feel at ease, like a sister might. She just makes everything seem better. By the time she's ready to leave, my house feels clear and calm."

Kate C.

(Topanga Canyon, CA)

"I phoned Lisa Marie when I was at the end of my rope. I was overwhelmed with clutter from moving into a new home and doing an addition/remodel before I was even unpacked. When the remodel was done I didn't know where to begin.

I discovered Lisa Marie and she turned my world right side up! I was afraid to hire somebody to help me get organized but Lisa Marie works with such professionalism and without judgment that she made me feel that my disarray was only a blip in the screen and that with her guidance I would institute a method to staying organized. I will continue to count on Lisa Marie to help me stay organized, she is worth every penny!"

Dave Klevens

(Brentwood, CA)

"Lisa Marie was masterful at taking two separate households and integrating them together into one cohesive and organized environment. She worked efficiently, tackling one project at a time, as to not create more chaos and mess during the organizational process. We intend on continuing to work with her in the future to help keep our home an organized and clutter free space and thereby a stress free environment."


(Pacific Palisades, CA)

"After purchasing and moving into a very nice townhouse, I felt overwhelmed. Lisa Marie came and helped me face the tasks of organizing the whole house with grace and ease."

Susan T.

(Brentwood, CA)

"Over the past few years I have come to rely on Lisa Marie's organizational skills and services. She has helped me organize various rooms in my home and the entire garage. She has also worked directly with my teenage daughter and taught her how to be more organized. Lisa Marie is honest, hardworking and always delivers tremendous results."

L. Schenk, PhD

(Pasadena, CA)

"Lisa Marie took the room that was causing me the most stress and made it feel like a sanctuary. Now I need her to come back and do the rest of the house!"

Meredith M., Jewelry Designer

(La Canada, CA)

"We were completely overwhelmed with the stress of remodeling our home. Lisa Marie helped us relocate into another part of the house where we could live while the project was underway. Even the contractors were impressed with how quickly & efficiently she helped us vacate the rooms to be remodeled. We really couldn't have made it through this transition without her."

Ivo Lopez, Photographer

(Beachwood Canyon, CA)

"Lisa Marie's organizing services are the best. She completely transformed my closet and brought order to my studio, making it a more efficient workspace."


(Redondo Beach, CA)

"Lisa Marie,
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did organizing my home. Your service was very professional and I like the fact that you're very detail oriented. I felt like my house got an extreme makeover!"

Kerry Candaele, Author

(Venice, CA)

Lisa Marie took on a gargantuan task with her organizing work in my office. With a keen eye, a magic touch, and great respect for the space in which I work, Lisa Marie breathed life into what was a cramped and stale room. Thank you very much.

Jenny & Michael Hook

(Santa Monica, CA)

"My husband and I recently moved to Boston from Santa Monica. We had been living in Santa Monica for over 2 decades, and had accumulated a lot of "stuff" over time that we'd been reluctant to part with. When it came time to put our house on the market, we decided we desperately needed help getting things cleared out to make the house presentable.

She was exactly what we needed, what with 2 little kids to tend to and full time jobs, we simply could not pull it off ourselves. Lisa Marie came over the first night to assess our situation and give us an idea of what she could do for us. She was not only accurate with how many hours it would take; she immediately came up with the perfect plan of attack. She helped us in each room, and we truly do not know how we would have achieved all we did in such short, efficient order, without her.We highly recommend Lisa Marie for helping anyone organize their lives.

In fact, once we got on the plane for our final trip out of LAX, we looked at each other and said, "We need Lisa Marie in Boston! She's the best!"

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